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criminal lawyers in louisville ky

criminal lawyers in louisville ky

Trusted Lawyers in Louisville for criminal defense

Looking for criminal lawyers in Louisville KY? Going through a criminal arrest can be an unsettling experience. It can be overwhelming to make decisions, especially when you consider the multiple areas of your life that could be affected, namely your finances, your reputation, your career, your freedom, and even your family. You may feel as if the weight of the world is on your shoulders. However, while this situation may seem like a lonely journey, it is important to note that you certainly do not have to go through it alone. 

By enlisting the help of experienced criminal lawyers in Louisville KY, you can have someone by your side to help you understand the charges against you and the strength of the case laid out by the prosecution. This will be instrumental in making informed decisions about your future path. Additionally, a skilled lawyer can champion your rights within the criminal justice system and will work tirelessly to eradicate or limit any damage this accusation has on your life. 

At Turner, Coombs & Malone, PLLC, you’ll find lawyers in Louisville with extensive experience in criminal defense who have a successful record of helping clients who are facing charges. While you may be feeling overwhelmed, know that our team is here to stand by you as a trusted ally during this difficult time.

criminal lawyers in louisville ky

criminal lawyers in louisville ky

criminal lawyers in louisville ky

Prepared To Defend Against Any Charge

At our law firm, we want you to know that we have the expertise of criminal defense attorneys to defend you against multiple types of misdemeanor or felony criminal charges.

We have a wealth of experience handling cases involving:

  • Drunk driving (also known as DWI/DUI),
  • Drug possession
  • Trafficking and distribution
  • Various violent crimes ranging from simple assault to murder
  • White collar crimes
  • Sex offenses.
  • Even traffic offenses.

To ensure the best possible outcome, we scrutinize every piece of evidence and work tirelessly to expose any weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against our clients. If the circumstances permit, we work hard to get the charges dismissed entirely. However, if it is in our client’s best interest, we will not hesitate to take the case to trial. Rest assured that we are committed to securing your rights and freedom in every way we can.

criminal lawyers in louisville ky

Take The Right Steps At This Critical Time

Be very careful about what you say and do in the immediate wake of a criminal arrest. Anything you say or do can be used against you. We are here to speak on your behalf and to guide you along the right path for your future and your reputation. To speak with an experienced lawyer in Louisville, contact our law office below via contact form or by telephone at 502-584-6375.

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